学校, colleges 和 universities partner with ISACA globally to give students the opportunity to enhance their learning experience. Our customizable program provides in-dem和 skills 和 credentials to begin a career in IT audit, 风险, 安全, 网络安全, 治理或隐私.




  • 第一年免费成为ISACA澳门赌场官方软件
  • 当地分会网络和指导机会
  • 资格考试准备和考试折扣

  • H和s-on learning centered around real-world scenarios, giving them a leg up when they graduate 和 enter the workforce
  • Access to chapter leadership roles that increase visibility 和 hiring potential to prospective employers


  • Enhanced curricula, training 和 materials for undergraduate 和 graduate programs
  • Research partnership opportunities with ISACA chapters 和 chapter members
  • Enhanced curricula for non-credit 和 for-credit certifications
  • 宣传 invitations 和 upskilling for faculty members
  • 访问ISACA发言人局

  • ISACA 学术 Conference 和 chapter event participation
  • Opportunities to participate in the Future ISACA Competition project
  • Access to the expertise of a global professional community with more than 170,000 members
  • Exclusive benefits that will elevate your institution’s prestige 和 prepare students for careers in IS/IT/CS

Which credentialing programs are right for your students?

ISACA’s 学术 和 工作合作伙伴hip Program leads with our credentials at the heart of the curriculum. We are committed to incorporating our teachings into high school, higher education 和 adult learning curricula to deliver a truly dynamic educational experience that focuses on skill development, 良好的基础知识和指导.



Find out how your institution can benefit from being an ISACA 学术 Partner.


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